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Come to the Mountain View Arts Festival - another great Signature Event in Didsbury Alberta!
Come to Didsbury Alberta - Where you'll find art, jewellery designers, dancers, and beautiful photography!
L-R: Quilters visiting at the 2014 exhibit; Historic Didsbury Train Station, Site of our fabulous Quilt Show; Bergthal Mennonite Quilting Bee
at the 2011 Mountain View Arts Festival held during Alberta Arts Days (By Photographer, Joelle Fournier of Didsbury).
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Quilts at the Station
The Threads of Kindness has displayed at the Festival since 2012. It was a highlight with so many crafters in our region.Wikipedia says "Quilting is a sewing method done to join two or more layers of material together to make a thicker padded material."

Those of us who live in Alberta know that quilting is certainly more than that. It's a culture that has been embraced for hundreds of years. Quilting bees bring friends and neighbours together to visit, spend time together, and share in their love of quilting.

Quilting is an art the Mountain View Arts Festival embraced at its first festival, and was expanded as a full-fledged Quilt Show, simply because that's what everyone wanted! You won't want to miss this fabulous show in 2017!

2017 Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions, contact Merrilee at 403-512-9888.

Viewer's Choice
It's not going to be easy, but when you come into the Train Station, you're going to have to pick one! The Viewer's Choice prize goes to the quilter with the most votes.

Quilt making has had a resurgence in recent years - there's more quilt stores in the region, more than any other hobby store. The fabrics are more versatile and creative. The Arts Festival is looking forward to showcasing the beautiful work these ladies - and men - create.


Beautiful quilts on display from all over Central Alberta.

Come in and browse the railroad treasures
at the only Train Depot in Alberta that has
been turned completely around! (The side
that faces the street is actually the loading
platform for train passengers!)

Train Station: 1811 - 20th Street

Venues sponsored by the Town of Didsbury. Stay overnight at the Rosebud Valley Campground at the east entrance to Didsbury. The Didsbury Museum has artifacts from the homestead days, clothing, household items, farming equipment, a school room, medical room, general store, military roll of honour, and a 1907 Cast Iron Safe. Visit our museum today! In Partnership with the Didsbury Municipal Library In Partnership with Travel Alberta Canada We're on twitter! Follow us at MVArtsFest today! We're on twitter! Follow us at MVArtsFest today!